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Freddy Sanchez Autograph.

If you’re a San Francisco Giants fan, you’re probably aware of how difficult it is to get Freddy Sanchez’s autograph. With his career hanging in limbo, it’s unknown when and if he’ll ever return. Freddy was acquired by the Giants in 2009 from the Pittsburgh Pirates. As a Pirate, he was an exciting player. I remember disliking him because he was so good. Anyway, I found the following card for less than $3:

I know, what a deal! I hope Freddy gets better soon.

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Mascot and Pre-print.

Today, I got two returns. One’s an autograph; the other’s a pre-print. The autographed card came from Bernie Brewer. This took roughly 27 days:

Now, the pre-print. I sent Neil Walker two cards to sign back in mid-March. The Pirates organization sent back my cards (unsigned), my SASE, and a pre-print. The back of the pre-printed card contains information about Pirates Charities. Apparently, Neil Walker will sign autographs if a contribution is made to the charity. So, if you’re interested in getting Walker’s auto, make sure that you send a check!

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Off-Season Rookie Pitchers.

After going through my stack of autographed baseball cards, I noticed that during the off-season, I received several TTM autos from rookie pitchers. I don’t post every autograph I get on this blog, but I thought it would be neat to post some of my rookie cards.

Daniel McCutchen’s 2010 rookie card:

Yunesky Maya’s 2011 rookie card (signed in ballpoint pen):

Aaron Crow’s 2011 rookie card:

And Dillon Gee’s 2011 rookie card:

Coincidentally, Gee is tonight’s losing pitcher against the SF Giants!

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Side Project: Buccos.

Today, I got a letter from Pittsburgh, PA. No, it isn’t from that guy. In fact, I don’t even have that guy’s baseball card. Today’s autograph is from Garrett Jones. The Pittsburgh Pirates are making a lot of noise this year. They have a lot of talent and next season, I’ll be making a trip to PNC Park to watch a game (or series) against the Giants. It should be a lot of fun!

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