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Double Returns.

Hi again. After a historic sweep of the Detroit Tigers, the San Francisco Giants performed a brilliant and satisfying end to another baseball season! What more could a Giants fan ask for? A few autographed cards surely can’t hurt. Check out this week’s returns.

First, from Thursday, all way from Des Moines, IA, came two autographed rookie cards from the 2011 AL Rookie of the Year, Jeremy Hellickson.

Second, from today, Angels southpaw, CJ Wilson, returned the two below. This has been the second time I’ve requested an autograph from CJ. He never disappoints! 

Both sets were sent to the pitchers’ respective baseball teams. Thanks again to Jeremy and CJ! 

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Bullpen TTM!

Look what came in the mail today! An autographed baseball from one of the epic relievers on the San Francisco Giants. The acquisition of the Night Train in 2010 proved to be a crucial and an excellent decision. Where would the Giants be without this lefty’s awesome pitches?

Here’s my baseball autographed by Javier Lopez! It took just one week to return. Thank you Javier! This is awesome!

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Canadian Cub.

Today, I got a return from Illinois. I sent the card out last Monday, May 14th, making this the quickest turnaround for me (7 days). Here’s my 2012 Ryan Dempster TTM autographed card:

You might recall my Ryan Dempster autographed card from last year. It was on an Opening Day Topps card. I’m really happy that, like Colby Lewis, Ryan signed for me two years in a row. Thanks Ryan!

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Off-Season Rookie Pitchers.

After going through my stack of autographed baseball cards, I noticed that during the off-season, I received several TTM autos from rookie pitchers. I don’t post every autograph I get on this blog, but I thought it would be neat to post some of my rookie cards.

Daniel McCutchen’s 2010 rookie card:

Yunesky Maya’s 2011 rookie card (signed in ballpoint pen):

Aaron Crow’s 2011 rookie card:

And Dillon Gee’s 2011 rookie card:

Coincidentally, Gee is tonight’s losing pitcher against the SF Giants!

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So… the Giants are off to a rotten start. It’s about time they leave Arizona. They’ve been there all spring. Perhaps Coors Field will be nicer to the Giants? Anyway, here’s a clip of Madison Bumgarner throwing his bullpen session last week at AT&T Park. Bumgarner didn’t sign for anyone, but he did give his baseball away. Maybe next time I’ll ask for his autograph. 

By the way, Happy Easter!

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